DJI Phantom Drone Videos

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus OK, so I got a Drone - a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus
What follows is what "Dave" (Dave Drone) gets up to...

Carn Beach - Sheskinmore Nature Reserve, Donegal, by Drone

This spectacular beach is just on the southern edge of Sheskinmore Nature Reserve in Donegal.

Caves of Maghera, Donegal, by Drone

The tide was in so we couldn't get to the caves and it was as windy as hell but this is the beach leading to the Caves of Maghera, in Donegal.

Narin Beach, Donegal, by Drone

Narin is another spectacular beach, near Portnoo, in Donegal.

Wetherby Racecourse by Drone

Just some fun footage showing all the Wetherby Racecourse buildings and the layout of the course...

Thorp Arch Viaduct by Drone

The Wetherby the Church Fenton railway line has long since gone and the railway viaduct over the River Wharfe at Thorp Arch was abandoned and became unsafe. (See photos showing how it used to be on our post about this railway line - disused Wetherby railway system). However, it has now been made safe and you can walk over it as it forms part of the Route 66 Cycle Path/walkway - fantastic!

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